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Czwarty album

01. On Your Side
02. In My Blood

The Veronicas (trzeci album)

01. Sanctified
02. Did You Miss Me
03. Cruel
04. Line of Fire
05. Teenage Millionaire
06. Born Bod Dylan
07. Always
08. Mad Love
09. You Ruin Me
10. More Like Me
11. If You Love Someone
12. Cold
13. Let Me Out
14. You and Me

Hook Me Up

01. Untouched
02. Hook Me Up
03. This Is How It Feels
04. This Love
05. I Can't Stay Away
06. Take Me On The Floor
07. I Don't Wanna Wait
08. Popular
09. Revenge Is Sweeter [Than You Ever Were]
10. Someone Wake Me Up
11. All I Have
12. In Another Life

The Secret Life of...

01. 4Ever
02. Everything I'm Not
03. When It All Falls Apart
04. Revolution
05. Secret
06. Mouth Shout
07. Leave me Alone
08. Speechless
09. Heavily Broken
10. I Could Get Used To This
11. Nobody Wins
12. Mother Mother

Bonusy & b-side'y

Did Ya Think
A Teardrop Hitting The Ground
How Long
Don't Say Goodbye
Goodbye To You


We're Not Gonna Take It
Good Times
Double Trouble (Samey Samey)
Love The Fall
Grown Up Christmas List

Everything I Need
Worlds Apart
We Are One
Without Love

What's Goin' On
All About Us
Long Way to the Top (AC/DC cover)

Could've Been
Heart Like a Boat
Cross My Heart


This Love
Take Me On The Floor

Dead Cool Dropouts

Green Eyes Make Me Blue
Criminal Heart
Write You Off
Blame It On Me